Kerpatty sporting a Kool Aid Mustache


 This past Saturday I had an opportunity to shoot promo shots for Kerpatty, the sketch comedy duo of Pat Dwyer and Erin Palleson.

We set up a couple of shots around Chicago that I will post in a couple of days, but this image to the left was one of the selections to use for their summer marketing.



 The elements of this shot show a couple things...

1) Duo from Chicago
2) Suits and Kool Aid mustaches as opposites.
3) Background dull enough to highlight the mustaches and not fight for focus
4) Room for text and easy blending into a press ad.


I'll post some of my other favorites in the coming days.  We shot at a bus stop, carousel, lakefront, and got some video of the day as well.  So stay tuned.


Greg Inda