Current Projects:
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Bad Makeup Project - What makeup looks like when the end goal isn't beauty. And how your inner beauty shines through even the worst makeup choices.
Agora Project - Ongoing project showcasing unique people amongst Chicago's Agora Statues. 

Other Works:

Lab Instructor at Richard Stromberg's Chicago Photography Classes
Windy City Ghostbusters - I dress like a Ghostbuster for Charity, supporting La Rabida Children's Hospital and the Treehouse Humane Society.

The Long and Short of It


The Short


I'm Greg Inda. 

I love photography, travel, bass guitar, and Ghostbusters. My first job was cleaning and selling hubcaps with my uncle. Some day, I'd like to learn how to surf.


The Long

Out of high school, I moved to the city and started taking improv classes at "The Big Four" (Second City, The Annoyance, iO, and Comedysportz). I was just what you'd expect in a young improviser. I had an excess of energy and opinions. And I was ready to bombard everyone else with them. It took some time, but I eventually realized that no one else wanted me talking over them and to drive scenes with my preconceptions. No one cared that I had a loud opinion.

So I made it my goal to shut up and listen. To work with the people on stage to make a statement together. And it was when I did that, that I was rewarded. Not only was I invited to perform in, produce, direct, and stage manage numerous projects. I was also involved in shows that I could be proud of, such as the critically acclaimed Neutrino Project: The Instant Movie.

After five years of improv, I turned my attention to photography. But I had carried my experience with improv into it. When I shoot something, I know that I am only as important as the subject in front of me. 

If you come in to have headshots taken, we are collaborating to find what works best for you.  If I'm shooting your promotional materials, I am going to listen to what you want and we are going to create something together.