The Agora Project

The Agora Project seeks to show unique people in the faceless metal crowd of The Agora, Magdalena Abakanowicz's amazing set of sculptures in Chicago. I'm always looking for unique people to showcase (casting information here) and am hoping to have a gallery showing of the completed works soon.  For a better look at the gallery, <click here.>

Bad Makeup

My Bad Makeup project aims to do one thing, encourage people have fun with makeup. Often we use makeup to get gussied up or to enhance our looks. But rarely do we get to play with it, like a child who get into their mothers makeup drawer, and not knowing what anything does they do EVERYTHING. Click the arrows to scroll through the gallery, or visit the bad makeup page <here>. 

One Of These Things

One Of These Things attempts to take two concepts and smash them together.  Placing a baroquian fop with two club girls from a modern time or a French American trapper with the women who wear his goods.  I don't know what this project is about, but its fun.  For a closer look at the gallery, <click here>


Purely by accident I decided to turn off my key light during a photoshoot.  I think I was testing the light levels on the backdrop.  The resulting photograph was interesting.  Without facial cues, the only information the subject gives is through posing.  For a closer look at the gallery, <click here>

Kiss Kiss Cabaret

Since the Kiss Kiss Cabaret debuted in February 2011 I've photographed almost every cast and crew member who has been involved with the show.  It's been a true pleasure working with them and I hope to continue for many years to come.  For a closer look at the gallery, <click here>