This weekend was all about headshots.  Yesterday was Tom, who you can see in my last blog post.  Today was Janice.  A sweet girl whose specific request during our consultation was "I want the shot to look like me."

It reminded me of when I was a kid.  My grandma went to the grocery store and got me some Macaroni and Cheese shaped like pinwheels.  When we opened the box, the wheels were significantly smaller than those on the box.  My grandma wrote Kraft a letter claiming that they misrepresented the product, and sure enough kraft sent her a coupon for free macaroni and cheese.

Years ago when I was assistant directing shows we'd be casting a show and an actor would come in with a headshot that looked nothing like them.  I'd think back to my grandma and wish I could get some sort of actor coupon.  Its important for your headshot to look like you, otherwise when we're laying out headshots in our A B C piles the first thought going through our mind is "Oh yeah, this is the shot that looks nothing like him."

So when Janice told she wanted the shot to look like her, I was happy to oblige.  Here are two of the shots from today.