So I've been very pleased these past couple weeks to be working hand in hand with Katherine Hart of Hartfelt Communications on some images for her new redesigned webpage, which should go live early 2010.  In our last photoshoot I decided to try something a little different with her and went for a Matrix Terminator kind of look.

What prompted this look?  Well, Katherine is a lively women.  She has the kind of personality that fills a room.  And she's never really had her photo taken like this before.  I used a kind of split lighting technique.  Her glasses blocked the light from her eyes, which was the look we were going for.  After a few initial edits I sent the file over to my friend Alan Hawkins, who I've worked with before.  He added the textured background, text, and red dot.

We go into one of our final review meetings tomorrow to discuss the images and how they will play into her site.  Once it's live I'll link a couple of the images.  In the meantime, here's one more for the road.