Headshot Specials! Vacations!

I'll be going out of town this weekend with some friends.  I'll be bringing my camera along, so I should have something to post to the blog on Monday.  In the meantime I thought I'd mention one of my specials and post a photo.

Once a month, I hold a special event called "The $100 Headshot."  I open up eight, 45 minute slots that clients can book out over the course of one day.  The client comes in with one look prepared, and we exhaust the possibilities of that look over the 45 minutes.  We may change the lights a little, may go outside for a shot or two, but it's mostly one set-up aimed to get one perfect headshot.

Having been involved in Chicago theater for the past 9 years, I thought it was a good niche to fill.  Not everyone needs a full headshot session.  Maybe your just starting off and need a single headshot to get going.  Maybe your established but want a headshot with that beard you've been growing, or your looking to get a niche headshot to show a different range.  Whatever your need, the $100 Headshot is an affodable way to get your 1 headshot.

My next date for the $100 Headshot is April 25th.  Spaces are booking, so contact me if your interested.  As always, I suggest a free consultation.

But now on to a photo...

Michael Kleen, Editor of Black Oak Media
Did this "Presidential" type shot for the editor of Black Oak Media, Michael Kleen.  What makes it presidential?  The look upwards to a new tomorrow, clean lighting on the face, very sharp and crisp.  I shot this on a white beckground with two lights.  I darkened the background because I really liked the idea of the white figure coming out from the dark background, enhancing the idea of progress.  Little thing to note is the lack of glare or reflection on the glasses, which if your not paying attention can be a pain to take out in post.  Anytime glasses are involved you have to be very careful of what your doing.

Hope you enjoy the image, can't wait to post some from the trip!

Thanks for stopping by,
Greg Inda