Sassy and Trashy

I had the pleasure this past Monday to photograph one of the first friends I made here in Chicago.  It was around 9 years ago we were both taking improv classes at the Annoyance Theater.  We both had dreams of "making it" and while I found my calling in photography, she continues to work as a singer/actress/model.  And she's a damn good one.

Steph just went from red to brown hair so she needed some new headshots to match her new look, so I set up the lights and scouted around for some good locations that would highlight not only her brown hair, but also to draw out her blue eyes. 

But its not those shots I want to show you.  After we finished with the more traditional headshots, Steph wanted to get some fun shots being Sassy and Trashy.  I'm really pleased with how these turned out.

Now thats sass!



















And thats trashy!














And now she's throwing stuff!



















Pretty great ideas that Steph totally brought in to the shoot.  We worked through all of this on the spot.  Looking for trashy spots to set up poses (we have one with Steph literally laying next to a dumpster), looking for poses to bring out this character.  Was a total blast.  After we finished this part of the shoot Steph and I moved on to shoot some lensbaby stuff that I'm really happy with.  I'll be posting that in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, remember I love comments.  So if you like these images or hate these images let me know!

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Greg Inda