Mother of the Maid - Northlight Theatre

Mother of the Maid opens Thursday September 12th at Northlight Theatre in Skokie, IL and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED. I had the privilege of photographing the promo materials for the upcoming show, my second time working with Northlight. The show details the journey of Joan of Arc (played by Grace Smith) through the eyes of her mother Isabelle (played by Kate Fry). For these images we got to run around in a soggy meadow on a day with periodic thunderstorms. We managed to sneak in these shots when it stopped raining, just as the clouds broke from a huge rainy mass into something a little more dramatic. For most of the shoot I laid on a tarp on the damp ground, though the main poster image was shot down into a pool of water reflecting Joan and Isabelle.

I hope you enjoy the images below and buy your tickets to see what will be a wonderful show.