Click for larger versionWell I don't know what it is about guys holding beer, but I seem to get a lot of shots of it.  Maybe I'll put together a show of guys with beer some day. 

Anyway, this is my friend Chuck who I see about once a year usually at the Phoenix Improv Festival.  He's a very talented improviser who performs out of Wisconsin and Minnesota.  He was in town this year to teach an improv masters class, but sat in with Joker and Jester and then later performed in a "Bat" which is basically improv in the dark (not a good show for picture taking ;).

This shot was taken after those shows had wrapped.  Chuck snapped into this "determined" pose after he saw me approaching with the camera.  The ambient light in the theater was very dark as it was the festivals party time, so I shot this at ISO 1600 f/2.8 1/100th.  I really like balance created by the two lights in the upper left.  I went with black and white in this image because some of the lighting was gelled and generated an ugly color cast.  As with any ISO 1600 image, we get a lot of grain.  Some people love grain, others hate it.  I'll hold my opinion for now and ask what do you think of the grain?

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Greg Inda