Sprite of the Fantastikals

Yesterday, my friend Steve, his wife Liz, and I went to the Bristol Renaissance Faire.  Every year I look forward to going but 2004 was my first year.  I actually spent a lot of time near the faire as a kid, but never went to the faire.  It's located up in Kenosha, WI just a few miles from my uncles old hubcap store "The Country Collector."  My grandpa and I used to drive up every Wednesday to help out with the store, and along the way we'd pass Six Flags Great America, Gurnee Mills, and the sign for Bristol. Funny that it took moving to Chicago, getting involved with theater, and meeting Steve to finally get out there.

Since 2004 its been a yearly event to go and take pictures at the faire.  Steve is an accomplished photographer himself and its fun to walk around, talk shop, and eat turkey legs.  It varies from year to year what we end up photographing, and this year we came home with more Fantastikal photos than we know what to do with.  The Fantastikals are the fairies that roam the streets of Bristol.  Some have little tricks they do with rope, bubbles, and feathers that draw big crowds of children.

I'll be posting more photos in the coming days, I hope you enjoy.

Greg Inda