The last of the Peekaboo

When I originally went in to shoot portraits for Peekaboo, a Halloween burlesque show in Chicago, they were short one cast member.  So I got called back in tonight to complete the "set" as it were.

So all the portraits were shot in and around the Greenhouse Theater, the venue of the show.  We went for a strong B&W look that was A) A strong headshot and B) Had a hint of Halloween.  I shot them all with my 24-70mm lens and 580 Flash.  That gave me a nice strong light source that really allowed my subject to pop, while casting some light on the surronding props and background.

Here's one more shot I really liked.

This one really reads Halloween to me.  One of the cool things shooting for this show was coming up with these scenarios.  I would get with the model and ask "What props interest you?" or I'd grab something and we'd start workin' it.  I give a lot of credit to the cast for really playing around, inspiring me and challenging me to get really great photos.