Post Processing

What a little design can do...

The other day I blogged about the Kerpatty photoshoot.  Well in processing their photos I decided to play around a little.  I pulled Erin from a shot of he and Pat.  Then I added a nice graduated blue background.  I sent it to Erin as I thought it would make a nice facebook picture.

Here is the original...

Which I turned into this...

Very presidential.

Well after this hit facebook my good friend Alan Hawkins got a hold of it.  I should tell you Alan is a web/graphic designer who I LOVE to work with.  He's done show posters for me, postcards, etc.  He works fast and the quality is excellent.  I highly recommend using him for any kind of graphics work you need.  Here is his webpage and a gallery of his works.

Anyway enough of my fawning...  Alan got a hold of the image and did this wonderful book cover for Erin.

Now that's cool.  Kudos to Erin and Alan for this awesomeness.

Greg Inda