It's not always about a pretty picture.

Came across an interesting audio slideshow about blind and visually impaired photographers.  When I read the initial text about it I could fathom what the photos would look like.  I mean, so much of photography is knowing what your doing with the camera, framing the image, and knowing what the output will be.  But these photographers are focused more on capturing the sensory expeirence.  The sounds, smells, movement.  Not things you'd expect to convey in a photograph.

I think a lesson I continue to learn is putting images into a context.  For example, I can take a picture at a burlesque show of a pretty girl on stage.  I'll get some cool angles and such, but the reality is I could make the shots look 10 times better in the studio under my lights.  But to put the shots in context, the anxious crowd, other performers looking on.  Their is so much more to capture than just the "event."  The photos in the slideshow really hammer in that lesson.  It's not always about a pretty picture.


Greg Inda