New Gear.


Pylons in Lake Michigan. Click to see a larger version.Well the day has come.  After a lot of researching and debate I've finally gotten a Canon 5D Mark II.  I'll spare you a lot of technical jargon and simply say it's a very nice camera.

So we've had such a lovely weekend here in Chicago that I've had a lot of time to try out the body as well as what is quickly becoming one of my favorite little lenses... the Lensbaby Composer.  This lens is what you'd call a "selective focus" lens.  That means you can select a single focus point in the image and from that point, everything blurs outward.  Some of you may be familiar with a Tilt-Shift lens which acts similarly.  However, a tilt shift lens will give you a line of focus, the lensbaby gives you a circle.

I took a lot of photos this weekend, three more you can see here after the jump.

Click for a larger versionSo first off, the lensbaby is somewhat difficult to focus.  Having to focus and move the focal point around complicates things.  While it is possible to have critical focus on an object, I think having a tri-pod is a big part of that.  Not really possible if the subject is moving or if your just walking around.  I'll probably at the very least start using a monpod when shooting.

When I started shooting with this lens I immediately thought of the burlesque shows and how this lens could clean up some very ugly backgrounds.  Of course with all the movement in the dances it appears I'll be in for a world of hurt.  But the benefits outweigh the problems I think.


Click for larger versionI also thought of the renaissance fair.  I think it will be interesting to walk around being able to isolate subjects.  Often at the fairs you'll have a beautiful portrait subject, but standing in the background will be some guy talking on his blackberry.  Takes you completely out of the "reality" the performers are setting up. 

The Bristol Renaissance Fair opens in July, so I've at least got some time to practice.





Click for larger versionWell I hope you enjoy these images and I've got to thank you again for stopping by to see them.  I love feedback so if you've got anything to say feel free to leave me a comment below.

Greg Inda